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Coach Mac

Terry McMillan, is a native of Chicago, Illinois. He joined the Marine Core where he served 4 years before joining the army where he served for an addition four years. During his 8 years of service, he developed his leadership skills and became his squad leader. Terry better known as Coach Mac has been Coaching both Girls and Boys ranging in age from 5 – 18 for more than 30 years. Over the year he has coached a wide range of sport including Baseball, Football, Basketball and Soccer. Coach Mac has Coached various places such as Chicago, Gorgia and in North Carlina and was the Head Coach for Southern High School – Baseball, Carrington Middle – Football, Lowe’s Grove Baseball Team, and Lowe’s Grove Assistant Girls Basketball Team.  He has also held position as an Athletic Director as well as tote Physical education at Idyl charter in Durham NC.

Coach Mac is the founder of Six Athletics Sport & Fitness Academy whose mission is to build character threw athletics. coached mac had coached in several leagues like AAU, Parks & Recs, Durham public schools, DBYAL and to name a few.  also coached 16 and Under Durham NC. at. He was also a volunteer coach at DBYL 28 years, and a positive part of his community.

He also has extensive sporting experience, in Wrestling, Football, Baseball, and Basketball in high school.  After his years of service in the Military.  He also has extensive officiating experience, having served as an Official in Durham, NC.

He states his coaching philosophy as: An athlete′s character is more important than their talent! My goal is to create well-rounded players on the court, as well as in the community and classroom. I strive to enhance the athletic talents of my players, while developing their leadership skills, self-discipline, and work ethic. I’m a strong believer in discipline and athletic make well rounded Scalars as well as athletics.