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Coach Kiana

My Name is Kiana J. Stokley. I fall 3rd in line (#3 of 4 girls) of the McMillan Clan! I was born April 11th 1990 on base at Fort Stewart, GA. Yes Exactly a year and two days before Ty. That is why we are the best!! I have lived in Durham, NC most of my life. I swear i been playing sports as long as i can remember. I started out with track and field at about 4 or 5. Though out Elementary and Middle School I played rec Basketball. I played Basketball and Ran Track for Brogden Middle School. My Freshman and Sophomore year of High School I spent in New York, NY. That is where i started playing Volleyball and a Sport called “Squash”. My last 2 years of High School i attended Riverside and Southern High Schools. There I played basketball and ran Track. Once i Graduated in 2008, I attended WSSU that fall, where i played a little Intramural basketball. I am excited to be a part of the start of something so great.