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Tyrisse Lachelle McMillan

Hello, my Name is Trisse Lachelle McMillan Mainly known as “Ty McMillan”. I am the youngest Daughter of Terry McMillan. On April 13th, 1991, a beaty was born (that’s Me) on Fort Bragg base down in Fayetteville, North Carolina. But we were raised right here in Durham, North Carlina. As long as I Can remember I have always been around sports and started when I was about 4 or 5 years old. From Rec Ball to Woodcroft Soccer to AAU Ball, I have played it all well most of all. I attended Southwest Elementary, Lowe’s Grove Middle School where I played Soccer, Basketball, and Volleyball both 7th and 8th grade. from there I went to Riverside High School and played Basketball. Now I am back to help my father with this wonderful organization. I also have 2 beautiful daughters of my own to nurture, teach. support. and train to be the best they can be. Now Let’s create some more Carolina Magic!!